It's a great car and I will be driving it for many years to come, happily, but no one from Honda encouraged me to buy it. For both, there are five main trim levels: DX, LX, EX, EX-L and Si. The latest is another fuel injector is giving me problems on my older (2000) Civic GX. Nice savings huh? The premium when I bought my Civic GX was $5K over the LX which wasn't going to take me long to break even because I was changing from a luxury car requiring premium gas and only getting 19 mpg no matter what type of driving I did. As reported Monday by Forbes.Com, Civic Natural Gas sales have all but dissipated. Perhaps the natural gas vehicles could use a little help from the marketing firm of the brussel sprout? I own a 2014 Civic Natural Gas. Gave a few to the fellow that purchased another GX I had and used permanent ink to write "BAD" on them. I know there was a service bulletin the recommended this procedure for the contours, maybe they're built differently to be able to handle this? The added cost of the compressor has long since paid for itself. That’s a big hit by any measure. I'm still waiting for the home compressor that's affordable. They average 27.8 combined miles per gallon, with the latest 2011 Civic CNG above average at 28 combined MPG. The Civic, natural gas or gasoline, can only fit a certain percentage of consumers looking for a car. The car is great I love the the gas savings but the initial cost is what I believe is killing the car sales it will take you just over 4 years to make up the cost difference and that is just not right! Re: Honda Civic GX Fuel Injector Failures Again The filter on the late model Cavalier is located on the intermediate pressure line----after the HPR. The Honda Civic Natural Gas is the only car commercially available today powered by the clean petroleum substitute. Thanks for your comment. View and Download Honda 2013 Civic CNG owner's manual online. I never had any luck sending the fuel injectors out for cleaning (2000 Honda Civic GX) by a professional fuel injector shop. (That takes WAY TOO long to "fuel up") We have other cars for family trips on the weekends. Welcome Edward. The last fill up was $1.94/gal and I got 30 mpg. Could be, although in the 2015, “Year of Honda” speech, we’re assured that Honda will continue in the development and promotion of natural gas fueled vehicles. Save $4,627 on a 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas near you. We analyze millions of used cars daily. The GX was based on the Honda Civic and available for fleet sales in all 50 states. Being a proud owner of a CNG Honda Civic, I will promise you running 85-90 mph is no problem. True dat. They need twice the range and more performance. My daily running is 82kms coz my office one way is 41kms. They are charging me $57.00 and injector - does that sound reasonable? Bottom line: If you've driven a Honda Civic, you know what it feels like to drive a Honda Civic GX. Recall List for the 2003 Honda Civic. EV anyone? It is a piston style regulator and I don't think any solvents would damage it. *Soak time allows the vehicle to stabilize at a given temperature Beginning with the 1998 model year, Honda has equipped its popular Civic sedan with a 1.6L In-line 4 cylinder dedicated natural gas engine. Re: Honda Civic GX Fuel Injector Failures Again. Learn more about Price, Engine Type, MPG, and complete safety and warranty information. Like a lot of Honda failures, this one seems to rest on poor marketing and conditions outside of their control. One of the best things I have ever bought. Fittings, tubing, and wiring . There great for long trips and so light and easy to drive. 353 problems have been reported for the 2004 Honda Civic.The following chart shows the 22 most common problems for 2004 Honda Civic.The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's air bagswith 124 problems.The second most common problem is related to the vehicle's power train(29 problems). NATURAL GAS! The entire package comes with the following items: 19X34 CNG Cylinder. Just ask the patrolman who wrote me the speeding ticket! Have a 1999 Honda Civic GX CNG 207,000 miles on it. Official recalls have been issued for the 2003 Honda Civic by the NHTSA. check out the. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. You may read full specifications here. And the cars before that were poorly equipped, very fleet feeling. We are Doctors, Lawyers, Tech Industry Executives & Engineers, and other high worth individuals who value time, yet understand that electric vehicles SUCK, and we don't wish to spend $100K on a Tesla. Many owners of a newer Honda Civic or Accord have had problems with diagnosing what it means when the EPS light lights up suddenly on the dash. There’s also that price thing. So why make it more expensive? The 2012 model has an emblem on the right Honda lists a conservative range estimate of 220 miles. With sales reported in the mid triple digits for all of 2013, Torque News looks for an answer or two. Used as a courier delivery vehicle on 3-700 mile per day routes. Randy, do you plan on changing out your tank that will "expire" sometime next year? I have a 2009 Honda Civic GX (CNG) that will not start when it is cold. I got it so I could drive in the ridiculously stupid HOV lane, that only ADDS to congestion and pollution in CA., as is a boon for cops writing $600 tickets that don't go to fix roads. There is a LPR located just after the lockoff valve above the transmission. This is why a new Honda Civic CNG car costs over $7,000 more than the gasoline version. If you or the company you work for own a Civic Natural Gas, we’d like to read your view at Torque News. If they could fix this is really like that they offered it in their Honda CRV. We're trading off vices. The car is wonderful and I have excellent fueling infrastructure around my area so it's not an inconvenience at all. Our list of 62 known complaints reported by owners can help you fix your 2000 Honda Civic. I don't need a back seat just the HOV sticker. I can drive in the carpool lane by myself and get to where I need to be so much quicker. Man I'm having all kinds of CNG related maintenance issues this winter. Now winter is here, it is the same thing. It looks and drives like new. 2013 Civic CNG automobile pdf manual download. Search over 76,600 listings to find the best local deals. Good point Rafael! I agree with you. They didn't promote this car ANYWHERE outside of California, where they had TV ads, billboards, etc. Honda doesn't build anything "wrong" though. We reported on Civic Natural Gas back in 2013 and received a very positive response from our readers and a fueling network or two. Take care. All times are GMT-7. I own a 2012 Civic CNG in Southern California and love it. Let me know. The electric has not been an issue but the fan in the air conditioning system comes and goes. Problem with your 2000 Honda Civic? Nothing anywhere else except maybe briefly in Oklahoma (Pickens plan area). There still isn't one on every corner but I explain it like this: if you only fill up your gas vehicle at a Costco gas station and you drive past the other gas stations, that's kind of what it's like. In terms of convenience, I'd rank an NGV behind a gasoline vehicle (including plug in hybrids), but far above any EV on the market right now. NOT $28,850. How do you like driving Civic NG? 2012 Civic Coupe Owner's Manual 2012 Civic Natural Gas Owner's Manual 2012 Civic Navigation Manual 2012 Civic Sedan Owner's Manual. In energy equivalence, the Civic CNG holds about eight gasoline gallons’ worth of fuel. As you know Honda no longer sells the Civic CNG in the U.S.. Do the math. The last models (2014-2015) were well-equipped and an easier car for a person to use as a daily driver than the earlier models which felt stripped. Wht rubbish, i drive honda civic 2007 model at on cng from last 4 years and never hve i faced any problems at all. I couldn't even leave the state going east, but these are problems that all alt-fuel cars are going to have. Since there are no other choices in NG cars, that really restricts the buying pool. 2012 Honda Civic CNG 4dr Auto features and specs at Car and Driver. And, with a meaningful drop in the retail price of gasoline, fleet interest in Civic NG falls by the wayside. Honda chose the Civic to be its first natural They say they can provide a remanufactured one for $57.42 with core. I got my 2004 civic gx the other day used w 99,000 miles on it for $2,850. There's NO CNG advantage in pricing whatsoever. As reported Monday by Forbes.Com, Civic Natural Gas sales have all but dissipated. While always a low volume seller, Civic Natural Gas sits on the edge of extinction. I was going. Government regulators estimate the fuel cost of the 2011 Civic CNG to be $1,200 per year . I'm not sure why Honda has priced the Civic CNG so high, the trim level it's based on is the SE, which MSRP's for $19990. I have a bi-fuel cavalier that I did this too and here I thought I was being all preventative and such, does the cavalier have a pressure regulator or some other part that might be compromised by putting cleaner into the fuel filter housing? To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact: Helm Incorporated (800) 782-4356 M-F 8AM – 6PM EST. I live in Los Angeles which has a pretty good natural gas fueling network. For 2012, Honda is attempting to increase awareness in the natural gas Civic through advertising campaigns and dealer training. The problem seems to be more random in the 2012-13 models. It was my first car … It's easy and inexpensive to maintain - it's a Honda Civic! While the high price trade-off may be longer engine life, extended service cycles and ease of fueling within one’s company or public infrastructure with a base MSRP of $27,740 and $29,390 for leather, Civic CNG is price $8,300 higher than a comparably equipped Civic LX. However, Honda may be way ahead of the curve with Civic NG. If this is your first visit, be sure to It's been 2~3 weeks since I cleaned my (original) injectors and put injector cleaner in the high pressure filter housing.

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