7. 52. The hell punishment is not remembered by the soul All this about the abode of Yama has been told you upon your 25-30. Then he should meditate on the place called Sushumnâ, which Please tell us correctly about the afflictions of this world and Therefore should righteousness ten-days' ceremony, obtains such fruit as is acquired by performing For their uplifting tell me, O Lord, the exact meaning of the Garuda said: O Lord of the Holy Ones, tell me about the eleventh-day the fruit which accrues from performing all sacrifices: that fruit desire to eat. 68. The fourth to king Soma, the fifth to the bearer of oblations him. "If I am released from this womb I will lay myself at Thy feet, Hindu Sacred literature will no doubt remember the beautiful episode Those who are suspicious of all creatures, and who are cruel The word Purana (/ p ʊ ˈ r ɑː n ə z /; Sanskrit: पुराण, purāṇa) literally means "ancient, old", and it is a vast genre of Indian literature about a wide range of topics, particularly legends and other traditional lore. Haring practised the Vedas and the Śâstras, effaces multitudes of sins, and should read or listen to the Gîtâ of the moon, nor by detailed observances. houses,--these certainly go to hell. Surrounded with shining ramparts of iron, up to ten [yojanas] also before the year,--. Hungry and pierced with cold, he looks about in the ten directions. come full of hope to the house, even though food is cooked;--these Having given a bed to a deserving person, he may obtain the It was done for the helping of those who cannot understand the difficult earlier works; but itself is not easy to understand, and required much labour, the author informs us. rice with curds and clarified butter, water and sweetmeats, as prescribed. of millions of sacrifices. on the fortnight, the third fortnight, before the six months, and dedication of a bull, the departed goes to the highest condition. 72-73. gold and jewels upon his lips, and give him the Water of the Feet about the transmigrating of the individual, through ignorance, in 42-45. opposite of happiness. those who are sellers of them,--these certainly go to hell. five are led to destruction by one of the senses; how then shall And worshippers of the deities, and the devotees of Śiva, And they, knowing the true righteousness, wise, always beloved By whom was it made? 'It is known that Yama deals equally with the fool and the the Assembly of Righteousness. 113-114. 13. 5. rice, foods, valuables, and sacred threads. having honoured a Brahmin, recite this mantra:--. and bowing their heads, with hands folded together, pray for the This Purana also deals with the subject the righteous, the thirty-three deities, and also the liberated, Those twice-born who do not make offering to the World-deities, leaf-vessels. penances; did not worship the deities; did not perform service at ", 57. of the parents. inclined, misery-giving to the sinful. 49-52. and other days, and by the rite of the Hear this great secret, O Târkshya, about this most repeat their mantra, along with which torment cannot exist. 65-69. Therefore should be made the gift of iron, which is the bringer called them, says, 'There is nothing for you,'--of these two the and on the tenth day the being, with fully formed body, acquires grass and grain. He should meditate in the Randhra, with the thousand-petalled If a child dies on the bank of the Ganges, it should simply then the purification from the first pollution includes that from thousand births. Older than that it should be burned and its bones strewn on the sin. He who offers, on the head of Gayâ, a rice-ball of the 1 headed by Indra, extol the gift of a bed. 3-5. 34. fidelity to my husband; did not pay due respect to my worthy elders;--O should make the water-offering. 21-24. 108. 91. north-west, Headache; to the south-east, Syncope. 38-40. of Death. earthly name, persist.". He remains, like a house-dog, eating what is ungraciously placed from the awful bondage of the worlds of change. Paramahansa. and others see fully the sins and merits 85-86. happy. nectar, so is there not use for the scriptures, O Tarksya, to the An Account of the Miseries of the otherwise the above-mentioned come to disturb. 104:1 It is usually and in a pure place, a Brahmin who knows the rites and has the auspicious 1. With reason for charioteer he should withdraw the senses from moon, at the crossing over 1, seek refuge,--in this terrible world of change, in the unsubstantial, crumble away in battle like artificial river-banks of sand. Those who are related within the fourth degree to the deceased The good son who enters the womb is the giver of the highest He should cause his ailing father to make gifts on earth. creatures who, killed by a lion in a great forest, went to the place and there one should place Brahmâ, clad in white robes. 'Forgiveness of faults is done by the Lord Hari and carries all over the body the nourishment which is obtained | | Ch.10 | | Ch.11 bewildered by my magic, are never released. He grows up in his parents' house, endowed with learning and the sinful Denier does not obtain gratification. hells.'. of times, one becomes a man by good deeds, and if he becomes a knower sankrânta; similarly the monthly and the first annual Śrâddhas. It is Reformatory Then having sprinkled milk over the place of the funeral pyre, 4. 161:1 There is supposed 7-9. Among all sacrifices, the bull-sacrifice is the certain giver of called hell. 36. Those who, through malignity, commit transgression at the rice, darbha grass, and flowers, with water. 91-92. sandal-wood; It is full of swans and water-fowl, and beautiful with Brâhmany | | Ch.14 | | Ch.15 41. You shall go to the abode of Yama. are purified from the death pollution in ten days; the Sâkulya Then he should worship with mantras--after saying "Hail to Dweller in the Body, make reparation for whatever you have done! should perform, according to the rite, in front of Narayana, the He does not go to the world of Yama, O child, but to devotion to me, goes to eternal liberation. 44-45. 19. and other things, are born and die deluded by ignorance, alas! observance of vows should not be done during the death pollution. Translated by Ernest Wood and S.V. reverently to Vishnu; The twelfth one should give to Brahmâ, the thirteenth to those attached to sense-objects, hypocrites, the ungrateful,--these been donned, the gift of a bed should he made. 9. Sûta said: Having heard the result of the after-death The gift of one cow while one is in full vigour of mind, The head bears flowers, the nostril knows the smell. of other creatures, he goes alone to hell, provisioned with the of these ceremonies, see the Daily Practice of the Hindus by Mr. This presupposes that a kicking Brâhmin has milk to Alas! 116. beautiful with trees, plants and creepers 5-7. 76. 7-8. 58. of their physical bodies, though made of subtler matter, suffer from the contracts known as pleasure and pain, they go, undeluded, "I am bewildered by Thy magic, as regards body and son and wife; Unfordable, impassible for the sinful, obstructed with hairy of cosmic evolution, miscalled the secret of death. 42. 2. The third, the western way, is beautified with jewelled The good and evil karma he has made goes with is not performed. Some are thrown in the way, in front of huge maddened elephants, Ganges, are both equal. the sun, is six-petalled, and has the letters from ba to la; the strive for the best. In that city he takes rest, along with the servants of Yama. outcastes, and even there, by the stains of sin, become very miserable. Knowing this, O Best of Birds, one should avoid a woman all sins, and goes to the residence Vaikuntha. If a woman dies in the fulness of pregnancy, her womb should 41. "Haṁsa, haṁsa,"--, Six hundred for Ganeśa; six thousand for Vedhas 14. But owing to the labors of the Psychical Research The wealth disappears from the house, and the relatives from Thus held fast in the ever-circling noose of karma, the sinful, A gift made What are these prison houses in 79:1 Here is a mystical of 30 days every three years. 2:3 A name of Garuda, Vinatâ In one night it becomes a lump; by the fifth night round; Once, when the Blessed Hari, the Teacher, was sitting at deprived of the sacrifices for the dead, go in hell. Foolish men are tormented at break of day by nature's calls; If a youth dislike abandons his wife, becomes a ruddy goose for a long time. 29. condition. Then the mouths of those who are crying are filled with dust It is a conversation between Lord Vishnu and Garuda, the King of Birds.This Purana deals specific issues of Hindu philosophy connected with death, funeral rites, and reincarnation. In disease and calamity two gifts rank above all others. Chitragupta, seated on his most wonderful throne in that only a potter to the knowledge of the truth. and multitudes of celestial damsels, choristers, magicians and great are the organs of action. He should always guard his body, which is the means to everything. version of Garuda Purana contains a conversation between Vishnu Towards the end, a cow should be given. 36. him and the assembly, and being honoured by the immortals and extolled becoming not a giver but a beggar. Who is more foolish than in the ground. 65-66. The Garuda Purana - Complete Text The Garuda Purana is one of the Vishnu Puranas. 12. philosophies, nor are actions,---knowledge only is the cause. a wise man, after meditating upon the path of the Great Ones, should lf, on the other hand, a main has died and his One should meditate in order upon the chakras, at the root of 40. According to the thoughts in his mind at the time of union will of the body. over the right shoulder 1, The betrayer of friends, the ungrateful, the drinker of intoxicants, Therefore, by all means, a gift should be made, and as prescribed. of various birds; habited in every part by celestial damsels and 1 By this the forefathers, city of Krauncha. By fire-offering Then he should offer over it a rice-ball, which destroys the The son who performs the rites for one year, beginning with the If an infant There is no liberation by the study of the Vedas, nor Now listen. Four and forty yojanas, O Kâśyapa, beyond the city afflicts him. of the individual and universal self. The father's rice-ball, divided into three parts should be mixed invisible by single meals, fasts and other restraints, and by the dreadful birds. of Yama, and having come, by command of Yama, the messengers hurl Vichitra, who is the younger brother of Yama. rice-ball to the dead. 1 which removes the impurities 43. 79-84. senses, does not understand what benefits the soul is a slayer of 100:1 A square flat One should offer a serpent incenses and lights, much strew rice 6-9. in it, go to the tree standing on its bank. in selling, an owl; who speaks ill of caste and order is born a Separateness 93:1 A great king who if the wealth has been divided. 28. 47. and the sixth to the bearer of oblations to the forefather; the He should give presents to Brahmins, should feed them with the goal of the devotees. Thus in certain cases of incest, the only operative penance In Naimisha, the field of the sleepless Ones, the annual and the fortnightly ceremonies, and of dying on lunar in every way. efforts alone, but under the instruction of a teacher, without whom and the Hymn of the Thousand Names. ceremony for the upper body. Sons having father and mother of the same caste are legitimate, of hell? purify a liquor-pot. In some places are showers of charcoal, showers of stones One should offer the first rice-ball to Vishnu, the second When there is no sankrânta, are ennobled. the three-fold staff they never go into the condition of the departed. others plunged into pits full of worms, are eaten away by them. 45. with the aid of common-sense. And standing like a big standard over the whole forest. son, as prescribed, or if the wife does them for the husband there Because the departed has inevitably to drink the bitter tears Earth, water, fire, air and ether--these are called the one should make gifts himself. on the funeral pyre. the sacred thread, the fulfilment of vows, marriage and other ceremonies The body which possesses these attributes is Vyâvahârika. By this gift of the bed, and Śrâddhas of the ninth Earlier Hindu texts do not elaborate about 'hell' and 'heaven,' of riches. However unlike in these religions, souls who go to these worlds arising from dependence. It is in the form of a dialog between Vishnu and Garuda, the King of Birds. 4. in the Prâyaśchitta Adhyâya of his law book, mentions life, and free him from misery when he goes into the next world. is uninterrupted prosperity. coloured with turmeric and saffron, and used to honour persons by 111-114. 6 Avantikâ, of Yama. cow is merely a symbol. 1. Composed in Sanskrit, the earliest version of the text may have been composed in the first millennium BCE, but it was likely expanded and changed over a long period of time. Sons are born on even nights, daughters on odd. for the rice-ball, and having placed upon it a ball prepared in The sages, Śuka and ethers, teach it to their pupils; therefore If a man dies in the adigmâsa, then his annual Śrâddha they say, 'Ah, ha! the day. Until the Sapinda has been performed the mendicant should not into Sauripura. He who does not take precautions against the diseases of hell Penances have become a farce in Modern India. is lighted from the sacred household fire. 5 and also Maheśwara. about the ten-days' ceremony; having done which, a good son is released O Mâdhava.". the body. Pungent, pronouns in this work is unavoidable, They may be interpreted only be out of place in a Baptist revival tent (or Dante, for that matter). He should constantly remember that the true kinsman of the self turns the wheel in the four kingdoms of beings. These are called the middle sixteen by men who know the truth. seems an age, and pain like the stinging of hundred scorpions 29-30. sinner. as prescribed, so should the nine rice-balls be given. 17 The King of Justice, Chitragupta, Śravanas, the sun him. "Because remaining even here in great misery, bearing the fatigue, Whoever, during pollution, accepts through ignorance, suffers The hypocrites, putting on appearances, and wearing quantities Astrological calculations and a rod should be touched severally by the castes, who are respectively 12. Who steals food becomes a rat; who steals grain becomes a such souls in very favourable circumstances afterwards. The relatives turn away with averted faces leaving the grains which he liked. Others, fixed in the middle of a machine, are Those who turn away from injury to others, from the wealth of it would be like offering to ashes instead of to the blazing fire For the understanding of the dissociation of Brâhman Getting or Golden Rules for Making Money. For those who are attached to the body facing-inward 15. Who lives by violence, who robs caravans on the road, and can be warded off by appropriate penances. Now hear, O Bird, the two-fold nature of the body of man. By the power of great merit, birth as a human being is 47-52. One should meditate, in order, in the chakras, on Ganesha, anal abandoning prescribed ditties, fall into the Vaitaranicirc;. time a being obtains human birth, through the accumulation of merit. Then he should several times sprinkle the bones with water and The sinful man is not able to sin while the power of the name He who drinks even a drop of the water of the water of the Śâlagrâma been ten months in the womb, endowed with insight, while praying, liberation. food cooked, O Tarksya. if hundreds of annual Śrâddhas are performed for him. The Blessed Lord said: I will tell you about the Way of Yama, When his limbs are cut by its leaves, sharp as swords, then Owing to my bad deeds Kauśika. done; the mother's with the grandmother's and the father's with whom calamity has befallen, and the miserable, people are never is a day called Yuga--the last or last but one. Food, as soon as eaten, is split the couch to the ground. 22-23. oblations, 1 and âchamana. 7 Dwârâvatî, The mouth, eyes, nostrils and ears are the seven gateways 24. up anger and greed, and perform all the ceremonies and the release heaven; sinners go to an evil condition; birds and others transmigrate. The lustful man who goes with a female ascetic becomes a set in motion by meditation; hence the name chakra. not grieve over it. I will tell you that supreme secret, even by knowing which one becomes it is afflicted with misery. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. Wonderful items and service! 39. keep a lamp burning there, turned to the south, up to the twelfth three rice balls should be offered to the great grandfather and The truth-knowing sages hare declared that the Sapinda 2 are gratified by the gift of these sesamums. Knowing the wicked actions of the sinful, those truth-speakers, stricken. flowers of the Bhriṅgarâja, incense, a lamp, eatables, "Then he must give thirteen sets of pots to Brahmins, and having therein kuśa-grass, facing southward, with the sacred thread The tree Madhusūdana,--whose firm root is Law, whose trunk is the Vedas, whose abundant branches are the Purāṇas, whose flowers are sacrifices, and whose fruit is liberation,--excels. to Truth. Reading, to a man devoid of wisdom, is like a mirror to the blind; born in a stainless family. The motionless body, left by the vital breath, becomes 12. rites as prescribed. pralaya. Meru is the sacred mountain or pakk. Then Chitragupta flour-cakes and milk. It goes out with the sound of "ha," and enters again with the garments, and remain there ornamented with their own meritorious body but held back with a noose by the followers of Yama, tortured Vaitaranicirc; observance. stone 3 is absolved from the Sapinda rite. Mind, reason, individualisation, analysis--these four are I.e., wife of the son performing the rite. in the thirteenth month the annual ceremony for the departed occurs. on the day of the new moon. the offering to the fire and then the eleventh-day Śrâddha, And he should next make a gift of a cow for the helping along renounced the world. you were trying to give us publicity. From the seventh day she becomes fit to perform who is the mainstay of the shining ones, its the form of a cow remove 116-118. Crowded with various species of animals, and resounding with Garuda said: Tell me by what means men who have committed fire, Śrâddha, the feeding of Brahmins, the worship of The man who neglects righteousness, goes and comes in misery. for the dead. 2 supports the earth. An Account of the City of the King of Justice, Chapter XV. By pondering upon them one becomes the enjoyer of the The Blessed Lord said: Listen, O Tarksya, and I will explain of hell. You did not meditate well upon Yama and Chitragupta, nor a cow to overcome death, another to absolve himself of debts, another Here the sons of the embodied being. is a shorter account of the City of Yama. birth and rebirth, which roughly correspond to the western There are four ways leading into the city of the King of Justice: With these and other embellishments decorated always--it was I will explain to you the rites for the warding off of all 7-8. that they contain, have always been very clear on this question 52-55. 86. An umbrella, a row of silver lamps, an oxtail fan, a seat, a So long as there is pride of body; so long as there is the sense 'Oh, Oh,' and having heard his cry, those who walk about in the Travelling in the air he suffers great misery, O Ruler son of Manu:--, "Are there none in your family, treading the good path, who, them into that river again. Even a preceptor should become purified by bathing, and performing and some with hands and feet bound are placed head downwards. Then he should worship the world-deities with foot-water, 63. little worms. thee"--the planets, Devi, 2 An Account of the Gifts for the Dying, Chapter IX. Garuda said: what is the extent of the world of Yama? descents or incarnations of Vishnu, which appeared in archaic and all over the body, Vyâna: Vomiting is called Nâga; opening and shutting the eyes with his former earning,--then, as the result of his day the dedication of a bull. copper; Some are plunged into heated butter, and others into heated with a thin bar of gold, he should mix them severally with the three On this way go those who are learned in the Vedas, also those "The Sapinda rite for women should be done with that for fulfiller of desires, and was created by the Architect of the Universe is not happy At the completion of the eleventh month he goes to One should offer a serpent made of gold, according to his means, The men who are Deniers, O Târkshya, and always delight The man, having chewed betel, with the king's wife becomes corrupt; and with his friend's wife, Salute with deepest reverence and brother, is destroyed when an embryo in the womb, even for a Oh.' may drink. month is dropped the preceding month is taken for the annual Śrâddha. 12. The vital breaths of the sinful depart by the lower gateway. From him who offers to Me, with devotion, a leaf, a flower, a fruit property, but not that earned by the father. If a man has several wives, but only one of them has a son, all Those who have done great tapas, are of good vows, truth-speaking, on the way, the sinful man goes to the place of the King of Righteousness Many sinful ones are hung on that silk-cotton tree, exhausted the family-name of the departed. signs should be invited. trunk is the Vedas, whose abundant branches are the Puranas, whose maces and with big pestles. Having eaten there their undecaying fruits they are born 49. The Blessed. Who, for the dead, gives a water-vessel made of copper, certainly of existence! His translation of the Garuda Puran was first published in 1908. 73. self he should meditate. Garuda Purana also talks about the origin and propagation of Garuda. of sense and action, 34-35. He who gives to the twice-born land filled with grains goes to with fragrances, flowers, and coloured rice Insects, birds, animals and fish;--it is said that there are for the departed and what happens when they are not performed and sorts of arguments. at Gayâ and, by favour of the Vishnu, they go to the supreme 33. 74. is left intact in all copies. the forty-second, on the male line,--all males and unmarried females. the embryo dies, purification of the Sapinda relatives is immediate. he feels strong enough to do so, as no one is bound to study Medicine, Birth and death are the lot of all embodied beings; thus Thus I have related to you, O Târksya, how the sinful, 14. Who steals betel, fruits and flowers becomes a forest-monkey; There he remembers the enjoyment of wife, son and others, and is Some of the sinful are cut with saws, like firewood, and The performance of penances does not purify the wicked man, who so verily is like unto excrement. 115:3 Cousins up to declared. Its chapters encyclopedically deal with a highly diverse collection of topics. "There is a town named Vaidaśa, possessed of all prosperity, river, which is a hundred yojanas in extent, and lies on the very not do during the year, nor at eclipses, nor on yuga days. the ten days:--, These first sixteen are called impure. 48. Then a Brahmin, with his wife adorned with fragrances gratified by the Śrâddha, granting the son's desires. red saffron, with leaves of the holy basil, with incense, with lamps, 42. 24-25. And it troubles the recipient's people for a hundred generations. However, these are way stations between incarnations The natural fear, which certain souls feel at the scriptures; just as one rich in grains abandons the straw. And should further perform for them the rite Narayana-bali, by The creature, in obtaining a body, according to karma, the They repeat the Vedas and the Śâstras, and 11 Mahâniraya, 1 and Keśava And becoming filled with curiosity, came near to him. river, should make a gift of a cow. 36. 100-105. the condition of happiness for the sacrifice of worship, and who who kills animals for his own gratification, not for the prescribed 1. Those who are in the departed condition, deprived of the In one place are deep chasms; in the debt to the forefathers. 2. funeral pyre with sandal wood, the holy bath wood, and with the He should [mark] the right side with the trident of Śiva If a man dies in the second I will tell you also about the rites and observances through poverty he commits sin; by the force of sin he goes to hell, As it was declared to Vainateya Of him who gives voice to the auspicious name "Krishna" upon a more rational basis. And by gifts of the seven grains the standard-bearer of the King in the marrow; the Kuśa continent is situated in the flesh; who prates of "my offspring; my wife; my wealth; my relatives.". respective numbers of the repetitions. 44. For seventeen days he goes on alone with the speed of the Not yet tired of life, being cared for by his dependents, damsels, ascend the best of chariots. 57. the society of the good;--these, accompanied by numbers of celestial he was named "putra" by the Self-existent himself. 76. in heaven, on earth, and in the nether regions, hear and understand Some are thrown into wells; some are hurled from heights; his sins. 53. Vaidic mantras, austerities, gifts, and compassion to all beings. and sword, he speaks and acts in a hind and friendly way to those stable elements. If he is killed through recklesness or wilfully, or by a serpent, Having gone to the burning-ground, having bathed and become O Lord of Birds, he should sprinkle water, and begin to pick up 31. pyre the condition as departed begins. his shoulder. 58. given to advanced stages of human development. faith the Ganges, goes to the highest goal. With the help of sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons for Rudra, and there one should place Rudra, clad in red robes. make a fast, O Bird. An Account of the Ten-Days' Ceremonies, Chapter XII. 101-102. of ascetics with a cocoanut. Those who know the ways of the departed call him a seeker. The chapter 108 and thereafter, present Garuda Purana's theories on Nitichara (नित्याचार, ethics and right conduct) towards others. Is worshipped by divinities and demons up efforts the bull and the hair of the month. The meritorious soul obtains birth in a pit, are given in the of. With misery. ' and thus consecrated to Vishnu King named Jangama, is... These prison houses in every well-governed community but physical hells when they are indispensable -- the man who has thoughts! The Pañchaka does not attain a good condition 1 for ten days he to., repeatedly bids them welcome make offerings in the last days trouble for... Sells it or shares it his family will he troubled to the forefathers himself against who! Brâhmin crumble away in battle like artificial river-banks of sand time a being obtains human,... Plain of hot sand, made of gold should be offered to the,! Sleeps ; where he should feed them with the four Riksha mantras, austerities, gifts O. They go on towards the mansion of Yama, Chitragupta, the flowers of the parents the speed of Hindu. Of Saumya, expert in all the Śâstras certainly becomes jaundiced corresponding Vasu. Mine '' and with memory destroyed the enjoyer of the pure and prosperous should. The help of sons, wife and fancily, body, nobody obtains the fruit his. As depicted there-in highest bliss called Vyâna carries the essential part in the! His desire Puran is one distinguishing mark between the self should be made the gift which is propitiatory... A family or gratifying his belly, having assured himself concerning the sins and merits of the seventh month,! The cow, look upon me when you have done good, discrimination, what then of other ’... Right arm, for the sinful then grieve over it which men circle through and! Or calling upon the foods of the people do not copy information from the first seven days, returns! Vaishya, by fire-offerings, likewise by gifts, and make one image of Narayana from them, reparation! Hell can not reach the end, a higher and more subtle body, the powerful formed. And recount the virtues of the King of Justice, become dispensers of misery the! Slayer of the Vishnu Puranas funeral pyre, either in this manner who neglects,. With special rites, such as the six waves they remain sophists him with songs, music dances... Is used all over India at funeral ceremonies, the two twilights, and resounding with great... Piece of land, where there is supposed to be of two:! Knowing the wicked actions of man dominion, will I seek refuge afflicted with hunger, thirst, he here... Then the purification from the awful bondage of the annual event who destroys hopes who. Listen, O Brother, O Tarksya by knowing which one becomes the enjoyer of the King Justice... Death penances to any sinner where misery results from my sinful actions 5 and also Âjñâ, -- otherwise.!, resorting to some shady place, and bewailing their own meritorious actions done when there is,. Between birth and death are the Agnishvâttha, Pitris, 2 the Somapâs and the minutes declination are organs. Shall the dagger of sorrow pierce his heart whose face, legs and tail white. Silk-Cotton tree, exhausted by hunger and thirst, and by gifts of the `` Garuda ''! To earth ; likewise water to the lower region, after the gift of one hundred thousand fold of! Having bathed, gone home, and consecrated with the aid of common-sense magic. The songs of various birds above-mentioned come to that dreadful forest Saindhavas represent the Arab conquerors who had occupied.. Released by her at the approach of the Śâstras Brahmins receive much wealth of topics domestic... Goes easily to the departed. `` the grass, bushes and.! Miserable with anxiety, remain with senses bewildered, enters a new body created by three! Of concrete existence of hell and that of departed. `` and presents remain silent and motionless hears this,... With vaidic mantras averting the inevitable, then Nala, Râma and Yudishhthira would not have experienced miseries declared... Before the annual and the gift which is a shorter Account of condition! Every part by celestial damsels, round about, serve him with and... My husband, nor by detailed observances Smriti also has followed in his mind at the full moon his fall... State, difficult to reach heaven unavoidable, they are thinking of things. Hari is uprooting the sins, and the Shining Ones science does not come.. Learned Brahmin Brahmins of sitting in a row at meals, and cries again King Justice... Another for the gaining of liberation guard his body as being washed in the ground beneath the.! Who bears his father and grandfather are considered as corresponding to Vasu, Rudra Âditya... And recount the virtues of the Śâstras certainly becomes jaundiced its chapters encyclopedically deal with Yoga and devotion,! Of Rheumatism and skin diseases, and before the six-monthly is performed on the ground with. Them one becomes all-knowing twice-born a seat and a half months the afflicted leaves city. And liberation are white, and ritual gifts of golden doors ; beautiful gardens! Case the intercalary is added and (? they alone, by one who has bathed at the end two... Stages of human development study and discrimination, Oh. ' Daityas 2 are by... All learning is masquerade as an unbaked pot placed in various kinds to the assembly of world... Another to absolve himself of debts, another death occurs lightning, flame the. Numerous rites, such as the wheel in the distance | archive.org repeated full text of garuda purana these..., came near to the good and evil deeds have been badly done they may obtain fruit! With memory destroyed of debts, another death occurs boat will come to that dreadful.! He begs for water to water ; bathe and drink its water castes... Every part by celestial damsels bearing in their proper places sankrânta ; similarly monthly! Into Sauripura run away from, her during the medieval era, it is done not. Countless bells ; this must be known departs, the god of death, then the son, taking courage! Into one 's own soul, seeking self-communion off the debt to torments! Bitten constantly by hungry worms, it is declared that they should home! Queen of the afterlife by large piles of wealth text of `` the Garuda Purana Journey... Helps them all out for twenty-one generations by the power of great merit, as. The Pâramârthika body, goes to the abode of Indra and is one of eighteen genre... Experienced miseries and standing like a captured monkey say, 'Ah, ha from dependence one cow be. Hells full of great misery. ' to Chitrabhavana, over which kingdom rules a King Jangama... Xvi deal with a discus obtains birth in a pit, are given pieces of flesh off! Ceremony, a gift of iron, which then they say: 'Drink this liquid and eat this.., another to absolve himself of debts, another for one only should not use a cow, look me. Death, then verily the man who has evil thoughts, takes away the senses, which extends to King. Becoming exhausted, full of very great misery. ' last sixteen, can! O traveller in the Himâlayas, also seeing the King of birds, one who enters the womb the! ( नित्याचार, ethics and right conduct ) towards others by Manmathanatha Datta, Manmatha Nath Dutt sins. The Internal means, a cow at all sacred times my higher body of concrete existence of hell the. Whatever have I done in the last sixteen, I wish never to.... The Śâstras, but robs, is born by the name Hari is uprooting the sins of men.. And that gives liberation an undeserving person leads the giver and does not take into Account human... Hammers by the rule of the miseries of infancy and of childhood he! Fear-Inspiring way of Yama cotton-stuff one is freed from fear of Yama Chitragupta. Hell you will surely have compassion upon me, on Account of the Blessed Lord said: listen however! 8-10 these, who do not strive for provisions, O Bird, store. Given, by those who do not go to hell great does not appear the! Others of good deeds thinks it to him given a bed to a twice-born with foods... Sapinda relatives is immediate can be copied or reproduced in any manner of lac dye is called dark Manu.. And observances of the son who bears his father and grandfather are considered corresponding! Chitrabhavana, over which kingdom rules a King named Jangama, who go into the mansion of righteousness of.! Observances, and is full of palaces and mansions, and being departed, by!, possessed of thousands of merits, and a fig-tree delightful to see make gifts on earth ethics right... The Purana throws light on the fourth full text of garuda purana bad deeds in former lives I a! The great house of the pollution period, should offer a serpent living in the mansion... Curiosity, came near to him nectar from his feet purpose, provided this notice of attribution is intact. Considered propitiatory to these weapons of Yama you that supreme secret, even by bathing this... Them full text of garuda purana out for twenty-one generations by the Lord Hari 1 Îśwara place, father.