I found some Prvi Partisan 1-fired 30-06 and decided I would turn it into 35 Whelen. I've just recently come across the .358, but looking at some of the posts on here, it seems to be a pretty nice round. This is in sharp contrast to the overwhelming success of the .357/9mm handgun cartridges, whose popularity dates right to the beginning of the self-contained … Today’s gunfight features one rifle chambered for a necked-down . Killed my elk with it (.35 Whelen) this season - 250 grain Nosler Partition @ 2530 fps/one shot. I am a 35 Whelen snob tho. I got the 35 whelen to sort of bridge the gap. Load the Whelen properly with 225grain Nosler accubonds @2,850fps or 250grain Speer hotcore at 2,700fps and go have fun.tge Whelen is an awesome cartridge and is capable to 400 yards with a better trajectory than the 308 loaded with 150grain SSTs. Another aspect of this project was keeping the cost down. The shot was behind the front shoulder. As the.308 Winchester is a shortened version of the.30-06, by the same token the.358 Win. Having zapped elk with the 270WSM, 300 Win Mag and 35 Whelen, I prefer the 338/35 Whelen to the other two, if you can shoot them all equally well. I had a .325 WSM but traded it. Used Savage 110s in .243,.308 are common and inexpensive. A fully grown wild pig can weigh as much as 300 pounds with tasks the size of a sickle. This would prevent neck splits down the road. 35 Whelen: That Whelen Feelin’ Again by Dave@rifleshooter.com Once in a while, after you’ve played with all the new rifles long enough, a wave of nostalgia washes over you and leaves you beached by … By Price. I've had all three, 30-06, 338-06, and 35 Whelen. My .308 Win. 35 Whelen vs 35 Remington - Which is a better deer hunting round? With those bullet weights. I had this sort of silly idea of converting this gun over to 358 win or 35 whelen and pairing it with a single shot pistol of the same caliber, running reduced recoil loads for training, and then something more for a hunt. Mag. The parent case is a .30-06 by expanding the neck to accept a .358 inch bullet. He asked me how his 358 compared to the 35 Whelen. Logic would suggest that the heavier 35 caliber bullets would cause more recoil. “Only accurate rifles are interesting.” Col. Townsend Whelen had an undeniable influence on the shooting world, and the most popular of the cartridges that bear his name is an undeniable success. Bob My Stevens/savage Whelen Well the 35 whelen is a 30-06 case necked up to a .358 diameter bullet. The .358 Win. It could be that the reduced shoulder on the Whelen works to mitigate recoil. is my main deer/elk rifle, so I thought a larger caliber option would be a good addition. Wild hogs are notoriously tough animals. For a .35 Whelen, start with a used .270 or 30-06. By Type. Also It sounds like your 30-06 was a good shooter. 9MM.223 / 5.56 45 ACP.22 Long Rifle 12 Gauge.308 Winchester 40 S&W.38 Special View All Calibers. Taking down a wild boar will require more than just your hunting skills. and .358 Norma Mag.) A 200 gr Accubond or ELDX from a 30-06 at 2700 fps hits harder, shoots flatter, retains energy for kills far beyond 300 yards, and penetrates deeper than either 35 Whelen or 338-06 at any range. The rifle was originally my one and only big game/varmit rifle, but will be my backup elk rifle. If I had just one rifle I think I would have kept the 30-06 because of the wide range of ammo and how easy it is to find. necked up to .35 caliber. That's why I've surprised myself to have a new favorite rifle which is anything but "modern". This^^. Many things were taken into consideration including manageable recoil, availability of quality bullets, accuracy out to reasonable range (300 yards maximum), magazine capacity, reliability, and so on. Podría decirse que al .35 Whelen, la popularidad le ha llegado mucho más tarde de lo esperado.Y es que aunque sus orígenes se remontan a los primeros años de la década de 1920, su producción comercial no llegó hasta más de 60 años después, cuando por fin un fabricante poderoso como Remington apostó por este potente, fiable y eficaz calibre. The 35 Whelen is a lot more power, but the 35 Rem is one of the best short range (inside 150-200 yds) deer rounds. While I haven't shot any moose with the 35 Whelen yet,but I have shot a cow elk with my T/C Encore 15" 35 Whelen handgun,using a handloaded Hornady 250gr. A buddy of mine uses the .338-06 a lot. Any practical difference between the .338-06 and .35 Whelen is really a case of splitting hairs. By Chuck Hawks.35 caliber rifle cartridges have been around practically forever without ever really becoming popular. Get Started. However, the 35 Whelen has interested me for quite a while. The ballistic performances based off four grain types of muzzle velocity are 2,963 ftps (180 gr), 2,798 … Particularly when you consider that every one of those newer short magnum cartridges burns more powder to achieve less killing power than the .350 Rem. (.357 Mag., .35 Remington, .356 Winchester, .358 Winchester, .35 Whelen, .350 Rem. I'm not sure why my 35 Whelen recoils about the same as my 700 BDL 30-06. The result though, for whatever reason, is that my 35 Whelen gives 30-06 type recoil. ... Barnes VOR-TX 35 Whelen Barnes Tipped Triple Shock X-Bullet . As to twist, the .35 Whelen is generally made with twist rates of 1:12-1:16, which do not stabilze heavy bullets well. If you were to vote for the .30-30 Winchester based on its higher Sectional Density values—the 170-grain .308 bullet has an S.D. 358 win rounds and brass are hard to come by (I could form them) compared to 35 whelen, but it sounds like I need to rethink the whole concept. round nose at 2100fps. A discussion developed over dinner recently, where several experienced hunters worked over the subject of the ideal North American rifle for larger game. Just to be certain of success, I annealed them first to soften the brass. If I am not mistaken, Guy has been mentioning his barrel is about whooped on his Model of 1917 30-06, so stepping up to a Whelen or 338-06 is an improvement for the game he mentioned. The 9.3 and the .338-06 generally are made with twist rates of 1:10, which will stabilize the heaviest offerings in these bore sizes. ... so strange my first one too was with a 88 and 308 and a fixed 4x my last too (last season ...). I'm a fan of modern tack-driving rifles, especially the various composite stocks firmed up with bedded actions, pillars, and free floated barrels which deliver shot after shot of accuracy in all manner of conditions. 35 Whelen The 35 Whelen. I was thinking of reboring the barrel to .338-06 AI or 35 Whelen. It definely had quaility but was it was much heavier than I expected. figure of .256 versus the 200-grain .358’s S.D. Guns and Shooting Online has compiled an extensive table comparing the recoil of many rifle cartridges and bullet weights in rifles of various weights Thanks. She went down in a hurry. Since I have a .308 coming, the .358 would be a good choice since I can make .358 out of .308 brass. I've used the .35 Whelen a bit, though not as extensively as the .358 Win., .30-06, and .375 H&H.